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Be Apart of Lucky Scooter Parts


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The time is now to become apart of Lucky Scooter Parts. We at Lucky Scooter Parts are giving an open invitation to all the riders of the the world to try out for a Flow Sponsorship. A group of Flow riders is a valued apart of the company and we would like talent from across the globe. Anyone interested needs to produce a “Lucky Sponsorship Video.”

Video Requirements:

Video must be on youtube.

In the video description there must be an active link to

Video title must be First Name Last Name Lucky Sponsorship Video: Example: Billy Bob Lucky Sponsorship Video

Video can’t be longer then 2 mintues long.

Include your best footage

Send video to:

email all your videos to Submit you name, age, city, state, and country you live in.



Take your chance to get a Flow level sponsorship from Lucky Scooter Parts. All chosen riders will get a significant discount along with other rewards. Everyone get out to making those videos!

-Lucky Scooter Parts

www.luckyscoot.comThis Pro Scooter Blog is brought to you by Lucky Scooters.
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